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#dawnchorus365 – an online artwork running for 365 dawns

#dawnchorus365 was commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art and ran from 15 November 2013 to 14 November 2014. This documentation replays all tweets according their live performed timing, please note that there may be short periods with no tweets displaying.

To develop #dawnchorus365, Seven Art Writers collective tweeted observations and responses to the changing environment of their separate locations during one shared dawn. Some of the writers had spent the night in a very rural location, a Lodge in the middle of Fermyn Woods, Northamptonshire; others had been observing early morning human activity in the urban environments of Forest Gate, London, Sheffield and Oxford. Their combined tweets played online for a total of 365 daybreaks as an online artwork and received new contributions from the public via Twitter. Each day the performance expanded or contracted to fit the actual times of dawn and sunrise on that date.

#dawnchorus365 is an online artwork by Seven Art Writers and an OPEN ONLINE FOUR commission by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. The dedicated website was designed and built by creative technologists Wired Canvas.

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