#nightwatch published in Performance Research Journal

#Nightwatch is a text piece written though dusk in 2012. The transcript has been published as an original text in Performance Research, as part of an edition entitled ‘On Writing and Digital Media.’ Edited by Jerome Fletcher and Ric Allsopp, the edition “will enfold an understanding of digital text within the context of performance studies, ordinary language philosophy and speech act theory, integrational linguistics, the performance of self and gender, and performance writing.” To view the text please visit: Abstract #Nightwatch

#dawnchorus published in The Live Art Almanac Volume 3

A transcript of #dawnchorus has been published  in The Live Art Almanac Volume 3, a collection of ‘found’ writings about and around Live Art. The Almanac is published by the Live Art Development Agency and Oberon Books and edited by Lois Keidon and Aaron Wright

15 November 2013: #dawnchorus365 launches with Fermynwoods

Commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, #dawnchorus365 is an online artwork that will reinterpret dawn every day for a year. Each morning #dawnchorus365 will perform a ‘chorus’ of tweets during the dawn hours. The tweets combine with a visual representation of the changing light conditions and the locations of the SAW artists. The artwork will perform these tweets to fit the precise timings of dawn on each day of the year.

Anyone with a Twitter account is invited to contribute by tweeting to the hashtag #dawnchorus365. Their tweets will then be accumulated into the online artwork the following dawn. The dedicated website is designed and built by creative technologists Wired Canvas in collaboration with SAW.

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